Custom Orders

Eclipse Bow Ties

Eclipsing a MBM Bow Tie creates a personal gift. We often forget it is his day too, and most grooms do not have something personalized between him and his groomsmen. Personalizing with charms or pictures inside the folds creates a gift that will be  treasured for a lifetime.

Children Bow Ties

All children bow ties are a custom order starting at $45.

Pocket Squares

Tailored pocket squares to match your custom bow tie 16" x 16" and prefolded. All squares are special order.

Weddings and Graduation Bow Ties

Customize your Graduation day or your Wedding day, making it personal. Your MBM Bow Tie can become a family heirloom. 

Bow Ties for Businesses or Groups

Available to choirs, restaurants, sororities, companies and organizations.